RBack, the remote backup solution
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Single Backup and Multiple
Restore Client Solution

RBack can provide you with a solution that allows you to backup your data from one computer and restore that data to another computer. The diagram below shows you how the system works.

This solution is used in situations where a client may work on documents during the day and will either backup the files manually or schedule a backup so that the files are then accessible to the other clients. The other clients can then restore those files to their computer to work on.

This provides you with a solution that allows you to modify the files on the server but will not allow the other clients to mo dify or delete the files on the server. You can then always be sure that they have the latest versions of files and they cannot make excuses for losing or corrupting the files.

Each extra restore client must have a licence for accessing the backup storage server. See the subscriptions page for pricing information.

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