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About RBack - Remote Backup

Laptop backup, remote backup

RBack is a remote backup solution from LizardStudio LLP.

For a small fee every month you can now backup all of your important documents and files. Have you ever kept important paper documents in a fire safe before, if you have then you will understand the importance of keeping all those important documents i.e. Birth certificates, insurance documents and marriage certificates safe.

Technology has changed and now many important files and documents are stored on your computer. But what happens when your computer crashes? Maybe you can recover and restore your files if you are lucky, bu t generally you find yourself formatting your hard drive or having to purchase a new system. What happens to those files then? They are gone forever!

Well this backup software provides you with a similar solution to the fire safe, but with the added benefit of your important files and documents being stored safely away from your home or business, a bit like a bank, but in this case on a secure remote server.

Subscribe today and get a 30-day free trial period in which you can see how the system works and backup some of those important files now, you may even use it to recover one of those important files you accidentally overwrote or deleted during your trial period.


  • *Free* and easy-to-use windows backup software.
  • Store your important data securely.
  • Designed for the home user and small business in mind.
  • Easily backup your Outlook, Outlook Express, IncrediMail and Thunderbird emails by using the preset location options.
  • Also backup My Documents and Internet Explorers favorite's folder with the preset location options.
  • Add a single file or entire directories for backup.
  • Easy restoration of files to any location.
  • Easy to use folder hierarchy when files are stored on the server.
  • Supports deletion of backed up files.
  • Scheduled backups and instant backup of your files.
  • Supports incremental backups.
  • Various subscription rates and storage.
  • Subscribe, setup your software and backups and let RBack take care of the rest.
  • 1000 Megabytes upwards of storage space.
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RBack - The Remote Backup Software, A Product of LizardStudio Ltd.
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